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Aiming at inclusive finance this investment provides an easy to use payment system for customers in Africa, South-East Asia, India and Latin America. It caters to the unbanked in Africa, South-East Asia, India, and Latin America. It seeks to capture about 2.5% of a Sub-Saharan “mobile money” market estimated by the World Bank to be around 250 million users by 2020. The platform is expected to be first to deployed in Côte d’Ivoire.

Person to Merchant (P2M) and Person to Person (P2P) mobile payments are made easy and free of charge, except for the purchase of a pre-paid card. A versatile platform allows people to use their mobile or fixed phones at all times - 24/7 24/7 access - to purchase goods and services from participating merchants or transfer funds to other cardholders enrolled in the service.

Payments or transfers are made by a simple mobile phone without the need of internet access through a highly secure one-time password (OTP) generated by the system on request and sent by SMS to your mobile number. They can also cash in and out money for a secure network of partner agents. The So-eZ card acts as a bank account allowing holders to settle invoices and receive wages.

The project owner - a registered company of total capital in the amount of €318,600 - is looking to raise about €5 million, on which €300,000-500,000 in a first round. The project will initially be deployed in Côte d'Ivoire where an agreement has already been signed with Versus bank. Break-even is expected to be achieved within 18 months after full funding.

The management team includes Eric Laurent-Ricard, the General Manager, and 4 other highly qualified and experienced staff. Other investors include Xavier Niel via Kiva Ventures and Jean Losco via JMYX Holding.


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