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The project enables farmers to have access to finance, where the Livestock Bank will provide them with livestock at no charge, support and the choice to sell the livestock or opt for alternatives.

Business Plan


Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies on earth. One of the drivers of that growth is the effort the Government of Rwanda putting on developing the agriculture sector. In fact, the sector has been identified as one of the key sectors in its poverty reduction strategy. According to a research done in 2015, the agriculture sector contributes 32-34% of the GDP whereas the livestock industry contributes 10% of the GDP.

Now African countries, including Rwanda, are growing faster. Some prediction says that, over the next 15 years, most of the growth will come from the “next 10” biggest cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Economic growth is paired with increased living standards. The quantity of meat consumed in developing countries over the past has grown three times faster than in the developed countries.

Livestock Bank, enables farmers to earn revenues from raising livestock without investing money, solely relying on the use of some their time and and passion for raising livestock.

  • Vision: is to tackle the poverty through creating a way in which farmers can benefit from their farming activities but alsomake direct invest in their fellow farmers and therefore strengthen the livestock commodities market in Rwanda and byond. It also looks beyond Rwanda targeting Benin, Kenya, DR of Congo and Malawi .

  • Mission: Our Mission is to assist farmers to make farming with impact on their lives and on society. We aim to foster a formal livestock value chain that enables farmers to access finance.

The Livestock Bank has a business model focussed on social impact. It keeps these pigs at 360 different farms and gives farmers the necessary training, feed and vet care to grow healthy animals. When the sow farrows a litter, the piglets are dispatched to new farms, growing the network. When a male pig is market-ready, it’s sold at a market price to PMP Sausages, with the proceeds shared with the host farmer (minus the feed and vet costs). Farmer can sell, lease or invest livestock.

Livestock bank also assist farmers in getting other service they may need to improve their wel-lbeing like having biogas System in their homes, access to micro-loans for Education and Construction.

Currently the Company owns 360 pigs, but no farm. Our goal is to reach tens of thousands of Rwandan farmers.

Currently we have 300 farmers in Rwanda and plan expand our network to about reach about 1300 farmers this year. Close to our farmers we set up a shop for animal feed and veterinary pharmacy. We employee a veterinarian who can serve farmers in the area.


What are your comparative advantages?

A unique business model and captive market, supplying own processing needs of Paniel Meat Processing Ltd.)

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