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Ionized Water and Sanitation social impact company will offer for drinking clean filtered ionized water special water containers for distribution in developing communities. Unclean sources will be transformed into healthy using a unique filtering system. The purified water will have a relatively high pH.

The filtering system involves 5 stages of odour removal, debris and particle removal, colour removal, bacteria removal and ionization. Water will be tapped either from dug wells, drilled holes, (boreholes) and streams or rivers. Otherwise, water will be transported by tanker vehicles to the areas where such sources are not available.

The unclean water will be stored in tanks near the communities and the filtering system will be powered by solar energy and bottled in refillable long-lasting 10-20 litres containers, equipped with add-on pumps for serving clean water.

More than 50% of households in Cameroon use local dirty water sources like wells as they face unaffordable bottled water coming from highly centralized plants. Our approach foresees thousands of locations across the country, with each filtering location catering to 1000 households. They will produce clean water for about USD$ 10 cents per litre. Information obtained from each location will be processed at headquarters, for monitoring and control.

The marketing strategy will involve training own employees to deliver education and sensitization on key issues – water quality, sanitation, methods of wellness and healthy living. The Company expects each household to purchase clean water for about USD$ 50 on average, yearly. Total expected revenues are no less than USD$ 250 million from 5 million households. The company has already identified 500 locations home to about 1.75 million households. The required investment to cover the identified locations is estimated at USD$ 10 million, including a cost of USD$ 15,000 per location.


Our Management team is comprised of individuals who are well versed with ll the looks and corners of the thousands of neighborhoods across every region, city, town and community. We have lived there after birth, schooled and now we are working to better these areas from the problems we have faced while growing.

We have marketing professionals, local commodity traders, health practitioners, logistics graduates and more who are willing and ready to join us.

Customer problem

For decades there not been a clear cut clean water solution, so people can stop consuming from local contaminated streams especially as most water sources are not infected with industrial waste. Households do not have a reliable and affordable source that can make them feel comfortable, well, active, fit and healthy to easily carry on their daily activities.

Product & Services

We will be offering a specially designed and affordable water container which does not only serve on storing water but makes it easy for consumers to access water from the container through the tap heads that will be either at the bottom or top of each container. With this easy to us and storage serving device, we will let household to collect ionized water of a reasonable pH level daily for drinking in their houses.

Target Market

We are targeting developing communities starting from Cameroon. We want to connect with the heads of houses. Bread winners take care of their families including extended ones. They always want the best for them no matter their income. In this light, we will create a bond with them to understand that we are offering a product that is in line with their spending power and will not only solve thirst but bring about wellness and active daily life.

Business model

Our methods of distribution will be mostly traditional because we will seek to connect and go close to each family in each community and offer them advice and education on water storage techniques and sanitation/cleanliness tips. Thus we will first sell empty water container and then expect each house to come to our filtering locations; the closest to them, and fill their containers with ionized water, served by our present staff at an affordable price. After some time we will consider house to house delivery when we will be well connected with our consumers or provide a wheel barrow to ease their distance which the longest will be about 500m.


Sales & Marketing Strategy

Every worker/staff of a filtering location will take full responsibility of the area or jurisdiction where their office is location. They will be responsible to create awareness and pass information to the locals there based on the instruction our marketing unit will decide on. The benefits of ionized water, how to drink, alkaline meals, health and sanitation tips, and prices including any latest development and product that will be coming up. This direct contact and communication will bring in trust and reliability and therefore give them the confidence to stick to us and our product.

Competitors & Competition Advantages

Our competitors are divided into two; Existing water companies. These companies are not using our business model nor are closer to our product and services quality. But since they have been in the market for decades and have the financial backing, they can easily switch to any means that will let them keep being on top and decided what to produce and how each bottled water should look like without considering consumers including low income and child consumers.

Also, there are high networth individuals who are waiting and searching for someone to start anything which they deem it to be cool. They will be quick to copy and quickly establish in areas where we will not have reached.

We plan to beat this by making sure we provide the best quality of alkaline/ionized water to perform great change in consumers' body systems and make them question the contamination they have been consuming and can see proof through easing themselves after consuming ionized water. We have developed very low cost operation strategies that will allow us to offer our products at low prices. We also plan to be able to secure enough/full funding that will give us the backing because we have also developed strategies that will lead us to do a fast establishment to cover a significant geographical area over a space of time.

We have also developed a software /smart meter that will allow us have control of all our locations remotely; monitoring activities, filtering performance, machine location to avoid theft and amount of water filtered daily will be displayed on our screen in any place we choose as the head quarters.

Financial Projections

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