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Contribute to funding our €20 million co-investment fund for seed and early-stage SME funding in Africa. The fund will invest in projects curated by us and listed on our investment platform.

Consistent with our mission of connecting African project owners and world-class investors we have been running an online equity platform where curated investment opportunities are profiled and assistance is given to project owners to make their projects investment-grade and get investors to see them. We are mandated by project owners to find investors and we receive an equity share equal to a percentage of the transaction value. To leverage our involvement we seek to become a strategic investor in these projects by investing through a co-investment fund.

Invest in Africa Now! is rooted in its founders’ belief that the huge growth potential in Africa is hampered by the lack of access to risk capital, notably for startups and early stage SMEs. Yet, the African continent is estimated to enable highest rates of return on capital. Indeed, Africa is experiencing a boom in entrepreneurship due to proliferating Internet and mobile computing technologies. However, the growth potential in Africa is held up by the difficult access to finance, particularly seed and early stage venture capital, particularly for startups and SMEs who also face difficulties in presenting their projects to potential funders. African startups face a lack of access to local and international angel and venture capital investors. Moreover, they face the hardship of being able to present bankable and investment-grade projects.

Our mission to match our strengths with good ideas with the aim of connecting project owners and developers with funders to deliver good returns and impact for investors, founders and the people we serve. We combine consultancy and advisory services, Advertising, organisations of investment events, investor targeting and crowdfunding. We have a deep knowledge of Africa and vast experience in private sector development, as well as a vast network of key players in the startup and SME ecosystem, as well as relationships and connections with business and investment support bodies. Our overall approach includes a structured sequence of investment promotion activities, such as identifying potential investors, preparing investment briefs to key target investors, supporting promotion campaigns, providing investor management.

The Invest in Africa Now! Fund – IIAN! Fund – is a venture capital fund primarily targeting value-added ventures across Africa in selected sectors and sub-sectors – agribusiness, renewable, technolgy. Part of our strategy is to leverage relationships with major donors, international companies and the marketplace, including crowdfunding platforms to the benefit of our portfolio companies. We aim to have an Africa-focused seed and early stage venture capital fund that invests in startups and early-stage SMEs and generates outsized returns for its investors. The fund intends to invest early and provide a hands-on-approach to assist our investees through a built-in advisory and event organisation services with the help of mentors and business and enterprise development specialists and in close collaboration with SME support organisations. Being intimately involved in accelerating the startups in its portfolio aims to enhance the chances of success and lowers risk significantly as it gives us more visibility into company operations.

We aim to raise funds from a limited number of investors who will be members of a LLC or have interests in a Corporation whose assets will be held in a suitable place, for financial, legal, and tax benefits to investors. Most likely, the legal structure of the Fund will be a LLC (partnership). Invest in Africa Now! will be the manager of the fund and will be entitled to annually pay themselves 2% of the total amount of the fund to pay their expenses and salaries. Carried interest – share of any profits that it receives as compensation – is set at 20%. Such incentive fees will be collected from profits above a hurdle rate of 6% per annum. This pooling of investments offers many advantages : Spread of risk, blending of resources, benefits of being strategic investor and attracting investors.

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Company legal structure
The fund is likely to be created in Luxemburg or Delaware (USA). In Delaware, the fund is likely to be a C-Corporation.

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