Gravity powered portable generator

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This is the second stage of a 3-stage rollout plan where the funds will be used to build sample units of the commercial model, strengthen relationship with manufacturers and secure more sales or purchasing agreements with off-takers.

Established in 2012, TerraGen ESL has been engaged in research and development onrenewable energy with its main focus on gravity as a source of unlimited and constant energy supply. Rethinking power generation for a sustainable global energy solution is not just a slogan, it forms the core of our work.
This the second stage of a rollout plan is to build sample units of the TerraGen gravity powered portable generator, strengthen relationship with manufacturers and secure more sales and purchase agreements with off-takers.
TerraGen seeks to raise US$ 3 million. The IRR is estimated at about 80% and the investment is expected to create 50,000 jobs over a 5-year period and reduce CO2 emissions by about 1.8 MT per annum. The orders generated will help to raise the remaining investment needed to get the assembly plant fully ready for mass production.
Highlights: (i) 20-year patent to a primary market of about 180m Nigerians; (ii) Successfully built a working prototype as proof of concept; (iii) Interested client for 20,000 units at a base price of $60,000.00; (iv) A Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) shows TerraGen as a preferred option; and (v) In Phase 2 of our 3-Phase plan. Our target is the commercial model.

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