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AgroFish PLC is a fish farm operator running the first modern and advanced-technology commercial fish farm in Ethiopia, as well as a model farm for integrated farming. It also aims to boost the business of fish farming supplying high-productivity inputs and training.

AgroFish PLC is a fish farm operator and service and product provider, running the first commercial fish farm in Ethiopia. It will operate as model farm for integrated farming based on most advanced knowledge and technology.  

Agro-Fish Plc is seeking to raise seed money in the amount of €760,000 to set up and operate a fish farm. Out of this, €80,000 will be earmarked to finalize the feasibility study and pay 6 months of breeding expert time. An area of land of about 20 ha has been acquired by the company's partners for a 25-years lease, of which 1.7 ha is set aside as a natural reserve of rare species.

The land has been cleared, pathways and roads have been constructed, a farm house erected on it and Agro-Fish has signed a cooperation agreement with land owners. A lake water use license has also been obtained for a period of 5 years.

To start farming on the land, an amount of €29,000 is needed immediately for a limited activity or of $62,000 for planting the entire land area. A 6 ha of land is assigned to cultivate Aloe-Vera, medicinal herbs, papaya and bananas. On about 11 ha, the company also plans to farm short-season crops, such as tomatoes, potatoes and onions.

The fish-farm will be set up in 4 steps, starting with 24 traditional ponds and fish population density of 3.2 tilapia per cubic meter. Then half of the ponds will be converted to a higher density of 6-8 tilapia per cubic meter, along with the introduction of equipment and related processes. At the end of this second step, 24 additional traditional ponds will be built and 12 existing ponds will see the density of fish rise to 12-14 tilapia per cubic meter. At the 4th step, 24 additional ponds will be added for multi-species farming.

Fish farming will be integrated into farming, entailing water saving and fertilizer optimization. It will also introduce new products and species (e.g. Paulowina Trees and fish breeds). Agro-Fish will combine state of the art equipment and technologies, such as aquaponic systems for quality upgrading and production natural fertilizer or insulated boxes for transport. Agro-Fish will impart skills and knowledge to farmers and possibly renting refrigeration boxes and outdoor aquaponics systems. It will also supply farmers with inputs, such as fingerlings, seedlings, feed and fertilizer.

Management Team

The team is composed of a Managing Director, Mr. Johnson Kassahin ASHINE, Board Member, Mr. Falk Walter Ludwig FOELL (Germany), and Fish Production Manager, Mr. Bereket MULUGETA.

The Board is assisted by a Team composed of Mr. Kenbo LEE (Taiwan), Fishfarming Expert; Mr. Luul (Ethiopia), Agriculture, Fish Feed Supply Entrepreneur; Mr. Hung-Hsiung SU (Taiwan), Aquaponics Aquaponics system designer, inventor, developer; Mr. Torsten LUEBKE (Germany), Power Systems NESHTEC PV TECHNOLOGY CENTRE, Solar Architecture, Solar System design, Technology developer and supplier; Mr. Gopinath SOUNDERRAJAHN, Industry 4.0, IT and IoT EBIZONCLOUD, IT system house owner and experts; Mr. Jürgen Kellermann (Germany) Cool Transport Boxes; VA-Q-TEC AG, World market segment leader for vacuum insulation, cooling transport box system design, developer, producer and supplier; and Mr. Yared BERHANU (Ethiopia), Architecture former Ethiopian Vice Minister of Works, Architect.

Advisors are Mr. and Ms. Martin and Barbara Brezger, , Water Treatment; MOERK WATER SOLUTIONS, Solar powered water treatment solutions for the complete water supply and wastewater treatment systems design and supplier; and Mr. Paolo Blanchetti (Italia), Paulowina Tree Production.

Licenses and permits

Agro-Fish has obtained through Mr. Jonson Kasahun a land lease from SNNPR. This lease term contract is effective from 7/05/2010 E.C to 7/05/2035 E.C

Registered by license No. 084/210 dated 07/05/2010, Investment licenses are issued to Mr, Johnson Kasahun in the Agricultural Sector (fish, aquaponic, plant farming, processing and production) the project approved and will be set on 10 hectares of land by registered capital of (Five Million Five Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Birr) in Arbaminchi Zone Zeyse Wezeka Woreda, a special place near Lake Chamo.

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