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Because it is of paramount importance of having realistic financial projections incorporated into your business plan to get the attention of serious investors, we have developed an easy to use tool for financial projections. All it requires is a quick outline and some forethought to get a handle on SME's business’ financial projections and can also easily be used for larger projects, with limited more detailed simple spreadsheets.
The tool can be downloaded from our knowledge management platform. The amount of your contribution is kept low as incentive to project developers and an enabler for making sound financial projections. At the same time, the use of the tool makes it more likely for project developers to be assisted by us making the projections and in finding the right investors. The download will be possible only after payment of the license fee.
The financial section on forecasts and statemens is one of the most essential components of a business plan. Without it the business plan is just conceptual and the marketing strategy and plan lack the necessary justification. Financial projections are needed to be successful in steering a business. Venture capitalists, angel investors or lenders want to see numbers that say your business is investor grade and that there is an exit strategy for them on the horizon. It is with this mind and cognizant of the need of easing the preparation of the business section that we have development our Financial Projection Tool.

Tables produced by the tool

The tool produces tables for (i) Income Statement; (ii) Operating Expenses; (iii) Balance Sheet; (iv) Cashflow; (v) Internal Rate of Return & Present Value; (vi) Breakeven Point Revenues; and (vii) Summary.

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