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Expansion of our existing portal, marketing both digital and physical, release of new product line.

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We started school management software desktop version in the year 2004, we were able to penetrate and sold for some schools but we suffered some challenges due to the present state of our economy. The issues ranges from irregular power supply, inadequate software knowledge, lack of IT exposure, and basically school owners were not ready for the development we brought. We came out Edtech arm of our company in the year 2013 by modifying our previous school managment software to the online portal.

We made a better sales on this because the business environment and organizations have embracement digitization. The Funds or Finance will be targeted towards expansion of our existing portal, marketing both digital and physical, release of new product line, creating of better structure and expanding the brand. In summary the will use for horizontal and vertical expansion. By horizontal expansion reaching more market even outside Nigeria. By horizontal expansion, upgrade of existing products into mobile apps, expanding in more EdTech products or brands like e-learning for skill acquisition, certification and professional training and pre-primary and primary children products. We have a training platform already for IT skills and validations.

Let me start by saying between 2003 & 2013, we have experienced tremendous growth and embracement of technology in Africa at geometric progression. Around 2003 , my IT firm in Lagos, Nigeria, started software developmental . The products or value I bring to clients include School Management software SMS, Hotel management software, Hospital or Health management softwares, developed by my company. With little time, I discovered that most prospective clients and market do not have computer systems, lack basic computer operation skills, no Internet connection and some of them that have computer systems were running on 95 & 98 MS Windows. Swiftly, I went to table with my team to review the market need. After the market need and assessment review we incorporated computer system vendor, training and maintenance to the service package I was providing.

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