Briquettes manufacturing and/or generation of electricity from waste

Briquettes manufacturing and electricity generation from waste

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The idea is a “village ownership”, where the individual farmers can bring in their agricultural waste and in return get briquettes to use for coIn Africa there is a big need for energy for cooking purposes, to replace the environmentally “not correct” charcoal. At the same time there is a big variety of different agricultural wastes products available in the villages and there is often a lack of job opportunities.

We have developed a “village” concept, where a complete briquette line including shredder, hammer mill, dryer and briquetting press, will be able to produce around 150 - 200 kg briquette an hour from different kinds of agricultural waste. oking. To illustrate the concept, an example could be a farmer who brings in 200 kg of straw - he will get maybe 50 kg of briquettes in return. Surplus of straw briquettes manufactured from the straw, could be sold to consumers to cover the costs of operating the briquetting line.

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