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Funding has never been that easy!
We do the utmost to make you project investment-grade and to find investors for you.


We implement TV and Digital Advertising. In partnership with Euronews and its sister channel Africanews we offer tailored packages for a Premium visibility of your business to millions of screens worldwide.

Investor targeting

We follow a structured sequence of investment promotion activities and work hand in hand with the client to facilitate quality investment transactions, in partnership with key players.

A set of tools

Invest in Africa Now! prides itself as a matchmaking platform championing for connecting investors and businesses looking for equity and quasi-equity. We also support investors and entrepreneurs in different other ways, including through eLearning.

Investor events

We organise investment workshops, one-to-one meetings, conferences and forums. Our flagship event is the “Investment Pitches” session. We offer packages of TV, digital and print advertising, in partnership with world-class partners.

Some of projects listed

"What I love about Invest in Africa Now! is that I am realizing a dream of putting my experience and expertise in making ideas become concrete benefits while enjoying the pleasure of connecting people"
General Manager
“I have seen many good ideas wasted because of bureaucracy and lack of passion. I am committed to be the opposite and make a difference in the lives of people who want to invest and do business and in the lives of many."
Patricia Gores

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"What do young people need to become the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow?  Learn how a range of technology-based initiatives are helping to motivate youngsters and provide them with the skills they need for the job market”

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 @ 15:00 Brussels Time

Patricia GORES

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