Every Note Makes a Difference for Ghetto Classics

Patricia GORES and M’Hamed CHERIF are kindly asking you to support the Ghetto Classics project, a community programme aiming at providing music education to over 300 children in Kenya’s biggest slums. We have written on this on LinkedIn and the BBC and Al Jazeera have praised this initiative. Other channels have reported on Ghetto Classics with titles like “Changing lives through music”, “The slum orchestra”, Dance like your life depends on it” and “Ghetto Classics brings Brahms to Nairobi Slum”.

The orchestra has played at Christmas festivals, Safricom International Jazz Festival , the Brave Festival and many other places. Ghetto Classics has proven that music means passion and breaking with conventions. Whether it is about resilience, achievement or beauty there the young of slums always convey an untold story of creative potential, social impact and the beauty of life.

Help us sustain Ghetto Classics by donating as little as 10€. Please go to the payment system now by clicking on the button below:

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