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This course focuses on documents you need to approach and pitch investors, as well as to proceed with suitable investors with values matching your own for financial close. We will provide an overview of the principal documents needed when investors are purchasing your company’s stocks.

The purchase of stocks entails the creation of a brand new class of stock created for these investors – typically a series designated class of preferred stock with special rights and privileges they have negotiated.

The course starts with introductory remarks on the life-cycle of a venture and the investment timeline and then explains what and how to prepare the needed documents and tools.

The key materials that will need to be prepared before entering investor discussions and are: Executive Summary (Investment Teaser), Investment Pitch, Investment Slide Deck, Business Plan, and Due Diligence Package. We also explain early-stage deal documents in stock transactions, as well as occasionally used ones.

At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to interact with our learning agent bot issues related to this course and beyond. Then, you will take a quiz and, if successful, earn a certificate.

The course contains links for downloading a pitch deck in powerpoint format. Moreover, tutoring is possible in a virtual classroom setting.