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Invest in Africa Now! is rooted in its founders’ belief that the huge growth potential in Africa is hampered by the lack of access to risk capital, notably for startups and early stage SMEs. Yet, the African continent is estimated to enable highest rates of return on capital.

The Invest in Africa Now! Fund – IAN! Fund – is a venture capital fund primarily targeting value-added ventures across Africa in selected sectors and sub-sectors. Part of our strategy is to leverage relationships with major donors, international companies and the marketplace, including crowdfunding platforms to the benefit of our portfolio companies. The foundation of our model creates lucrative partnerships between large established funders (e.g. corporate brands, institutional investors, Development Finance Institutions) and our portfolio investments.



The challenge of job creation in Africa is compounded by a fast-growing youth population and unemployed graduates. Youth unemployment and underemployment in Africa is a major developmental challenge that current growth prospects are unlikely to be successfully met, unless youth entrepreneurship is unleashed. Against this background our mission is to bridge the funding gap for startups and early-stage SMEs with high social, environmental and economic impact, applying blended finance solutions.

Vision for Africa

The Invest in Africa Now! philosophy provides an outlet for strategic investors to leverage other funding sources, including crowdfunding to engage with emerging opportunities in Africa.

Our strategy is underpinned by a careful curation of venture investments and support to our investees. In implementing this strategy, we will be guided by our concept of creating “Smart Farming Communities in Africa”.

Our Approach

The success of our strategy hinges also on our Fund’s ability to drive commercial success to the ventures in our portfolio, notably through our network of partners, accelerating revenue growth in order to help them reach exit. Our overall approach includes a structured sequence of investment promotion activities, such as identifying potential investors, preparing investment briefs to key target investors, supporting promotion campaigns, providing investor management.

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