Invest in Africa Now! calls on investors and Edtech companies to debate the funding and use of new technologies for professional training at the prestigious eLearning Africa, scheduled to take place in Kigali, Rwanda, on next 26-28 September.

A discussion panel drawn from policy makers, business leaders and financiers will take place in one of the most exciting sessions of eLearning Africa 2018. For the first time ever, a session will explore the nexus between learning & development, technology and funding. The panel will comprise a limited number of discussants and will frame a lively and interactive exchange of ideas and information on the topic.

Technology innovations transform the way people learn and how education and training services are provided to schools, organisations and businesses alike. The last few years, in particular, have seen a surge in investment from all market players, including investors, and a growing investment into Edtech startups is creating exciting changes in the world of education and professional development.

Platforms such as LearnNowOnline, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning have made it easy to develop and strengthen a variety of business skills. TrainTheTrainerFormula empowers businesses to have own competent and trainers for inhouse skills upgrading. Other platforms, such as Skype, Join Me and Screenleap, Go to Meeting, and Zoom offer fast and simple ways to share your screen with colleagues or hold a training session via a conference call.

The education global market is currently estimated to be worth around $5 trillion, and it is forecasted that investment in education technology alone will reach over $250 billion by the year 2020. Edtech companies are being started at a staggering rate. In this global context, Africa is becoming one of the most dynamic e-learning markets and Edtech companies have begun getting funding, especially in startup hubs in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Africa is successfully leveraging its mobile technologies for the educational needs and increasing number of small and large-scale initiatives already distribute educational materials, support reading, enable peer-to-peer learning and remote tutoring through social networking services and improve communication between concerned parties. Cost-effective solutions are now available even to SMEs for training and skills upgrading.

Both investors and entrepreneurs are rightly savvy and circumspect about how capital is shaping the companies and products for learning and development. However, for technology to successfully serve the learning and development market, financiers and entrepreneurs face a subtle and complex reality. Therefore, there is a need to glimpse into the landscape of funding Edtech and to better understand investors’ – and their partners – motivation and how the money flows into Edtech companies, as well their ecosystem.

The session is expected to lead to a concrete proposal on how to leverage eLearning Africa to enable African entrepreneurs to share their insights on how to develop and scale up their ventures, as well as pitch their businesses to mentors, ecosystem enablers, advisors, and investors. The proposal should operationalise the findings of the exploration of the nexus between learning & development, technology and funding.

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